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What Alternator Did I Receive?

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So I ordered this alternator off the interwebs at the same time I got all my electronic upgrade parts (I.e. Fuel pump, dizzy etc) but I only just got around to having a look at the alternator. The one I ordered was a remanufactured 240, 260, 280z one ;


But it doesn't seem to match up with the wiring of my previous alternator? Is this right? Maybe they sent me the wrong one, I don't know what that P spade connector is for and where is the black casing from my previous one (this was shown in the product image online)


If anyone has any reference images of there's set up similar to this one that would be much appreciated.


Cheers, Sandy.





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Hi Sandy


I might be able to help .....Just spoke to my neighbor who is a retired auto electrician.....( a lot of retired people around here)..the "P" terminal is for phase...used sometimes to drive a tacho....no need to worry about it, just ignore it.


What you have been supplied  LOOKS LIKE  an alternator with an inbuilt voltage regulator..can any one else verify that.... if it is,  and you intend to use it you will need to bypass the external regulator.


I bought a similar unit from MSA and they supplied an adapter to bypass the old regulator which is a plug with a bridge in it to make the warning light work.


Hope this is of some help.....I haven't used mine and have decided not to in the interest of originality......so  I'll be selling the new alternator and adapter that I have here.... if any one sees this and is interested, let me know, otherwise I'll advertise it. 





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