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260Z Strip And Rebuild

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Quick brief. 


2nd 260 that I have owned, fist one wrecked and moved to the new one acquired some years later. It's been in paint for 9 years and is about finished.


Matching engine is now being dismantled for inspection and rebuild. This is my first combustion engine overhaul, Very much over due on the man card. I'm an aircraft tech so should have the ability to re-assemble once I out source the machining.


Had no issues before pulling it out but have found a few things that need attention. Clutch had some nice vertical crazing. 


I'm at the point where I need to plan what I want out if the old girl and how far to go. That I'm sure you can all help with.


I would like to keep her fairly original looking but certainly not dead set on concourse. I have 2 English Su's that have been re-jetted and brass inserts / fuel bowls replaced before she was pulled out. Again not decided if I will re-use these. I did enjoy continually tinkering with the tune.


I'd like to make the engine better than was originally intended. Pistons and head work are certainly on the cards. Tired and tested configurations are what I would stick too.


Flywheel needs machining nothing serious just a little scoring. Do many go for the lightened variety? Clutch will be replaced not sure with what.


I've added a heap of pics to make it a bit more interesting. Apologies for the mess. The engine was located at my dads house.


The engine overall is in pretty good condition but I'm going to throw more parts than I really need just to reset the engine to match the bare metal re-spray.


Leaded valves are out and I have read multiple times money spent on the head is well spent. I need to measure the bore tomorrow to see where were at but I believe it will be standard. I'm in Adelaide and most of the machine shops I used to use have moved on. Any recommendations will be appreciated.


Anyhow this post is aimed at gathering all the knowledge of where many have gone before how it ended up and what you all collectively recommend and to follow suit.There is some very good posts on here I've already read.






















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For engine machining try JH Southcotts 11 Holder Ave Richmond. Also good for head work if you want some performance work done.


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Thanks Roger, 


Have delivered the block and head off to them today. Will see what they recommend when they give it a clean up. They will get back to me with performance mod recommendations.


The engine looked pretty good when I pulled it down but I think it may have and a had gasket weep and the sump gasket must have been leaking. Many appear to have had a crack at sealing it without actually removing it.

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For head work try Tony Knight: Knight Engines Sommerton Park

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Guessing you've already seen it but the L26 sticky thread in this topic is pretty good for something tried and true for the L26 engine

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Roger I hold you responsible for this post! 


Turns out there is a lad there that appears to be operating within Southcotts that has comprehensively tinkered with L series engines.


He has an assortment of personal zed items that will be put into an engine package.


Thanks mate I owe you a beer or two.

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Mike helps me out with my rally car, he certainly knows his stuff and still has a few bits tucked away I think. Has built a couple of engines for me now and has a few new ideas for a possible future build too.

Some very skilled guys in that shop who can do everything from standard refurb to complex race builds.

Sounds like you're going to have a nice strong car, we must cross paths one day. We'll be running the supersprints at Mallala this Sunday if you're looking for an excuse for a day out.


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Ahh now I know why that number plate was familiar when he showed me some pictures. 


It has been too long since I have been to Mallalla track. By the looks of the weather I hope the sessions early. I may just have to come out.

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