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Hey does anyone know if there is an Australian importer for new parts for a 280zx?

I have a citrus green 1979er and it's has thousands spent on it already on the underside and now I'd like to get the interior (seats) and bumpers replaced, also the power steering pump and a few other things. But I like to do it once, right the first time instead of getting second hand or reco parts.

I've been an owner for 16yrs but have never joined a forum or club so I don't really know if anyone does imports/supplies for good Datto gear.


Thanks all. Pic of my car is attached.


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I would try Warren at All Z Spares in Hornsby NSW as your first point of call. He seems to have NOS for a range of old Nissan's. But may not be the easiest to transact with from feedback others have posted here.

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The cost of importing new seats and bumpers, if available, would be horrendous whereas you could get both repaired to look like new. The power steering pump may just need new seals, no harm in getting it checked. I understand that you don't want to mess around with used items but sometimes it's the best way to go eg if the PS pump is sound then with new seals it should last and perform just as long as a new one.

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Hey DET, Thanks for that. Well the plates inside the pump have apparently been ground down as far as possible and seals won't fix it anymore. Spent around $600 having it redone twice when the first time round I should have been told that it was a bad call. 

And re: the bumpers, to be honest I didn't know you could get the Z's bumpers reconditioned like the way you can with all plastic or all chrome ones. Thanks for that ;-)

Would I go to a plasti-welder to do that?

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Nissan Australia still service the 280ZX, it's a matter of getting a parts bloke who is prepared to look them up. There would be possible suppliers overseas eg http://www.zcarparts.com/but don't forget to check out Gavin's suggestion above. https://www.nengun.com/nissan/oem-parts-fairlady-z-280zx-s130may be able to help too, they require a OE part number though.


As far as the bumpers go, obviously it depends on their condition but some body works repair and refinish them. If yours are a bit to far gone then look for a better set locally, the unfortunate 280ZX is a target for engine etc snatchers, bumpers should be cheap. Any more questions? You have come to the right place.

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Thanks DET, you guys are great. I wish I'd found this site years ago to be honest...maybe my baby would still be on the road.

Here's a bit of info on it:

ALL New:

Rings and Bearing, chain, gears
Tappets (+ well set),
Rocker cover gasket
New Fuel filter
Hot Plugs
1x New Viscous Hub/Clutch fan
Injector Rail Clean + Inspection/flow test (does need new injector kit put in now after sitting for several years, which I have purchased but am not confident enough to re-kit myself - any hints??).
Idler arm Bushes, best available
Aircon regas + check
2x Front wheel hub assemblies
Rear brake-lines
Brake Cylinders + rear overhaul rotors (Front rotors NEW, no shuddering when braking)
KYB Rally Fnt Struts - reheighted to 1+1/2 inch lower than standard
KYB Front and Rear Shocks - Front re-heightened to suit 1.1/2 inch lower front end
- Rear reheighted to suit 1 inch lower rear end
Bumb Stops, front and rear
Nissan Castor Bushes
Inner bush kits
Monster Sway-bar, (can't recall brand but best avaiable, no expense spared)
Tie rod ends
Ball joints
Front + Rear Heavy Duty Springs (can't recall brand, receipts provided with all of the above)

Transfer check and top-up
Complete overhaul of 5-Speed Manual Transmission (bloody amazing, glides, slick) - all new parts used, synchros etc
Overhaul/semi-restored etc:
Machined flywheel
Rear Disc rotors machined, were pretty good already
Radiator overhauled to 5-core by memory (H/D comodoore quality), Thermo, Top hose-Radiator, Bypass hose-radiator, Clamps, (all radiator associated parts checked or replaced)
Motor was reconditioned although there was nothing wrong with it when purchased. I do this with all my engines when I first buy them so as to know where I stand with them. After asking for upgraded parts it was basically brought up to stage 2 standard, with a slightly lumpier cam but nothing over the top for a standard-like motor to handle, adjusted fuel and exhaust to suit - hence the brake and superior suspension work.

This car, according to Cooper-S owners, Handles like a Cooper-S because I have lowered it slightly to eliminate the corner roll ZX's have + stiffened the suspension with excellent rally KYB gear so the car is still very comfortable (not hard suspension).

Car was hardly driven since being upgraded - maybe 5000kms all up, then I became very ill.

What's wrong with the car in all honesty?

1) The power steering needs to be re-done, the set up is renowned to be crap and this one is no exception - I had disabled it.

2) the standard front drivers seat needs replacing

3) the brake lines have waxed up from sitting for so long (like a shed find does)  -  anyone know how to clean out a brakeline that is waxy?? I've never seen it before.

4) Needs the injector kit/seals/grommits put in (leaked fuel on manifold when I cranked it up 2 yrs ago and is a fire risk)

5) Front bumber is a bit ragged and i like nice things so it needs replacing/fixing..

I honestly can't recall any other problems with the car that are not cosmetic, such as the interior (and they all look a bit ragged nowadays so I would be customising it if I was to continue restoring it - which I can't do physically now)

And it has some spot rust but no holes - less than .05% of the car and only on rear of roof shoulder

Absolutely ZERO rust underneath, none on Bonnet, side panels are all straight, really nice apart from the front left 1/4 which has had a little bump by previous owner.

I do not know how to price it with the rare paint and all - all I know is that I have receipts for about $10K work, the vehicle cost around $5K to begin with and it is too much for me now due to my physical condition (head-on-collision so it has been sitting but I am keen to get on top of it all ASAP).

Does not crank over due to no battery and the fuel injector situation, but purrs when running and I will put my left nut on that fact.

I was considering selling it but I have renewed enthusiasm to get it back on the road after joining this site and reading about all the awesome Z's lives out there.



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