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Tacho (Not Idle) Fluctuating

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Gday all,


Hope you guys could give me an idea into what could be happening.


Bit if background, I have a '73 240z running an L28 with a 280zx electronic distributor, MSD 6A ignition, stock tacho with MSD tacho adaptor/booster.


My issue is the tacho fluctuates with every indicator flash, drops dramatically when the headlights are on (relays installed) or if my heater blower is on.


Note, driving/revving does not change, purely a tacho reading issue.


I have just bought a new battery and had a 280zx internally regulated alternator installed about two years ago.


Any ideas what is causing this fluctuation? It's bloody annoying!





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Hi Adam,


One thought is the tacho is quite sensitive to fluctuating supply voltage, given you have covered a lot of bases with the (+) positive side of the supply, I would be checking the quality of your (-) ground connections. Try taking the negative supply to the tacho direct with a new wire to a nice clean ground point. Poor ground connections unfortunately dont raise there ugly head until there is load on the circuit making tracing a real pain in the neck. Hope this helps, and good luck.



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That was my next step Billy, cheers.


I am all ears for any other suggestions.

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