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E30 Head

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Last ran the zed 3 months ago.

Cranked it over today and a sound you don't want to hear was heard....clank clunk clank.

Took off the rocker cover and 3 lash pads are stray. Yep, just siting about out of their correct position.

Looks like 3 valves stayed in their last static position (open or partially open) and decided not to move.

I suspect the pistons have slammed into the valves and knocked the lash pads off.

Probably got 3 bent valve stems now and maybe a notch or 2 in the pistons.


I have another L20A in the shed. Came out of a R30 Skyline (I think).

Has turbo, where as the one in the zed now is efi without turbo.


Is now the time to change?


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Remove head, then assess.

Great advice, and doesn't take too long.

Any other approach is just guesswork.

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