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So 9 Years Later The Datto's Out Of Paint.

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Hi all,


The 260 was my first car. Red and my true love. It was T-boned and beyond repair.


5 Years later I brought another one and transferred some of the good parts and said a tearful good buy to the first.


A few years later I decided to do a restoration and placed her in the paint shop. 9 Years later it's painted :0.



Now so much has changed, stores have closed down and I'm trying to get my head around where to pick up parts and begin the rebuild of the motor.


To that end here I am, here. Where there appears to still be a pulse.


First step is getting the original matching engine pulled down and freshen'd up. Swap out the old leaded valves and was thinking a mild cam. Advice is most welcome.


Second is I need to source a front air dam valance before it's out of the paint shop. If you have any recommendations I've only found 2 placed Ebay and  





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Welcome paint job looks great so far, had the same hot wires on my 260z 2+2 years ago. Kind of grown more fond of them now than I was back then.


In terms of engine build it all depends on how far you want to go, but Les Collins in Melbourne is the place to go that's close to you (if you want to make it a bit hotter than stock).


In my opinion you don't need a front spoiler on these cars aesthetically but there is a few places around depending on the style you're after.

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The front spoiler just makes these cars rounded to me. That said I still want the version where the front bumper is still fitted.


I'm not a real fan of the rims. They are of the era but I think I may put some understated 16" just to fill the wheel arch up. I will need to change the brakes out to a more modern standard particularity the drum rears.


The engine is my priority at the moment so I can get it moving and out of the paint shop. 

Just got an engine stand today to begin tearing it down before I decide how to go about the rebuild.


What has most people in the early 30's done engine wise? I had the English Su's rebuilt before I pulled it off the road so may stick with them in the interim. I drive an old landy as a daily so anything seems quick even the bus.

I still think I would like to keep it pretty standard for club rego.

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