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260Z 2+2 Donor Car (Free)

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hey guys,



Its come to a time now where the zed must go and rather quickly.

As stated in previous posts. It has rust in the drivers sil, rear quarter panel, I believe the roof as well.

I had started stripping the car back with plans to fix it but theres just too much. The hatch and guards arent good

for much. Most of the interior pieces are there, the bars, doors etc are all there.

The engine and gearbox seemed to run with no issues before I stated pulling it apart.

The wheels seem to be of the wrong offset as they fronts rub on the spring saddles.



She sadly needs to go, is located in the west of Melbourne.

I am giving her away for free on the condition that anyone who takes her must take all the pieces that go with her.

Most of what has been removed from the car has been labelled and some parts are sitting in primer as well.


Feel free to drop me an email - AFleming@pacbrands.com.au

or give me a call on 0401582141.

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              Sad to hear mate , especially after spending so many hrs on it .

I reckon you will back up again in the the not to distant future when you find a more viable car .


                                Regards : Alan .

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Hey guys,


Thanks for all those who emailed and message. The car now has a new owner and will be heading off on the weekend.


It wasn't an easy decision to make specially after the time and effort that went into it, however I will be on the look out for another car in the future.




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