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Hello From Melbourne

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Hi all, 


Yet to buy a Z yet, but am on the hunt, i am sure ill be quizzing you in the near future so thanks in advance. I am a complete newbie but have a passion.


Quick question to start with, what is going to be more expensive to deal with mild rust or engine and drive train purchase and install?

if anyone has any project cars they are willing to sell i would love to take a look?



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Welcome Ed and good luck finding a car. To answer your question your skills need to be considered. If you have limited skills then body work will nearly always cost you more than mechanical work. Rust removal can be a long process and often very hard to quantify as you tend to keep finding it (just look at a few build threads). Where an engine or gearbox rebuild can typically be quoted or priced up quite accurately. If you can do most of the work your self and are looking for a project then it's a different consideration. But sometimes when looking for cars you just need to take what's on offer, remembering a rust free car is very rare, rust will be hiding.



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