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Repairing Grile Parts - Can Anyone Weld Ali Or Make Ali Sections

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couple of the uprights are damaged

it looks like a u-channel 0.5mm folded ali section with slots cut out

my understanding is that a normal mig setup won't do ali

has anyone tried making new set?

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MIG yeah, not great on thin alloy...


I just picked up this torch. (not the 1 in the help wanted post itself, but the same torch this weekend).



Apparently the DHC 2000 / Dillon Mark III / Henrob can do alloy welding. I will be testing it out soon I hope!

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Yep, the DHC 2000, etc, will do aluminium no worries. I've done everything from thin sheet up to a cut'n'shut gearbox bellhousing with it.


You will need flux, and I would suggest a good set of lenses / glasses specifically made for aluminium welding, otherwise the orange "flare" from burning flux makes it very difficult to see the weld puddle. I got a pair of these, they work great : http://shop.cobratorches.com.au/index.php?route=product/product&path=45&product_id=61


Sorry, a little off topic.....

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