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Eoi: 73 240Z [Bris]

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Some of you may know this as the third car from Garage San Maru (largely led by D3C0Y), but for those that don't, i will try and give a recap of this car.  I bought it 3 years ago now, with the full intention of turning it into a JDM princess and enjoying it.  Unfortunately the best laid plans don't always work out.  As the car needed more body attention that i originally thought, rather than restore the car and not enjoy it at all for 5 years, i chose to rebuild it mechanically and leave the restoration (read: respray) until a later date.  The car has been finished for about a year now, and i just cant seem to get the energy going to strip it down, have the body redone, and put it all back together.  That coupled with the fact it would be lucky to have driven 1,000ks in the 3 years ive owned it further compounds my dying fire.  I should clarity right now, this car is 100% driveable.  It starts, runs, idles, brakes and steers excellent.  The ONLY thing it needs is the rust removed, paint redone and new parts installed (to replace the old ones you wouldn't want to re-fit after restoring it).  If someone didn't want to repaint this for another 5 years, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the car, and it still looks great in pictures.


With that in mind, i have decided to do an EOI on it to see if someone else wants to run the final 100m of this race and have one of the best 240Zs in the country.  Apologies if there are rules against EOI, but either way i would struggle to put a price on this as the current market (car sales and gumtree) is extremely inconsistent.  Anyway, lets start with the good bits.  As you can tell by the list below, this car had a very specific goal in mind, which was to completely replace everything which was old and crap, and replace it with as much JDM goodness as i could find.  A lot of the work on the car (MCA coilovers, S2000 seat mounts, stack gauge surround etc) has been created by myself or D3C0Y and cant be bought off the shelf.  In short, i have spent a lot of time researching and finding the best bits for this car, which are what is going to make it very well sorted.


The Car

1973 240Z


Engine and driveline

  • L28 F54 Block (engineer approved)
  • P90 head
  • 280 duration .495 lift Wade Cam
  • MSA performance valve springs
  • Triple 45mm SK Racing Carbs with velocity stacks on TWM manifold (restored by Lou Mondello and jetted/tuned by CnJ Motorsport)
  • 180HP ATW
  • Kameari heat-shield
  • Alloy catch can
  • Adjustable alternator bracket
  • Redline fuel pressure regulator
  • Light weight Flywheel (4.6kgs)
  • Excedy HD Clutch
  • Fujitsubo headers (HPC coated)
  • Fujitsubo Legalis R stainless exhaust and muffler
  • 280ZX Electronic Distributor
  • 3 row 56mm aluminum radiator with twin 12 inch fans
  • 280z 5 speed manual
  • New clutch slave cylinder
  • New upper and lower thermostat housing
  • New lower water inlet
  • Chrome bolt kits and replaced bolts in many places
  • 4.1 R200 LSD

Suspension, Brakes and wheels

  • Front and rear (cusco) strut bar
  • Front and rear white-line sway bars
  • Front and rear adjustable end-links
  • MCA blue series coil-overs (front inverted mono tube with 5.25kg springs and rear non-inverted with 4.5kg springs) (engineer approved)
  • TTT Adjustable front and rear lower control arms
  • TTT adjustable castor rods
  • 260Z front hubs
  • 280zx 15/16 master cylinder
  • 300ZX 4 pot aluminum calipers with braided brake lines (engineer approved)
  • Front 300mm vented and slotted RDA disks
  • New handbrake cable
  • R31 rear calipers (solid disk) with braided brake lines (engineer approved)
  • Rear solid RDA disks
  • New tie rods
  • New wheel bearings
  • Watanabe RS 16*9 and 16*9.5
  • Toyo Proxy T1R 225/50/16 and 245/45/16


  • Honda S2000 seats mounted to stock rails (engineer approved)
  • More new bits, screws, fasteners and clips than i care to count
  • Electronic ignition (Original tacho modded to read electronic signal)
  • Nardi Steering wheel
  • Replica leather handbrake and gear boot
  • Original 5 speed shift knob (plastic slightly cracked but wood is good)
  • Restored center console with Fairlady Z badge
  • Stack Oil Temp, Oil Pressure and Voltage gauges
  • All lights work
  • Billet map light surround
  • New hatch and footwell carpet
  • New passenger side grab handle


  • Kameari Front spoiler
  • Replica 432 rear spoiler
  • Replica ZG flairs (body cut and welded)
  • Reconditioned front and rear bumpers
  • Genuine 510 Chrome fender mirrors
  • Navara glass headlights

Spares (to be installed after painting)

  • Brand new diamond pattern interior trim (front and rear)
  • Brand new NOS heater fascia
  • Brand new roof-lining and A pillar trim kit
  • Brand new full rubber/seal kit
  • Brand new pedal rubbers
  • Drivers side outer window rubber
  • Fairlady Z dash emblem
  • Genuine Fairlady Z badges


So what needs to be done? 
  • It needs to be repainted.  It was resprayed over the original green and the surface was not properly prepared.  So there are some areas where the paint has split, has gotten silicone/moisture underneath which has caused imperfections.
  • Rust to be removed.  The only rust i have seen (and i have been working on the car for a few years now) is in the bottom of the doors and one spot under the rear window rubbers.  That doesn't mean there isn't more, but its not showing anywhere else. 
  • It doesn't have a roofliner, because the original one was replaced by some horrible white fluffy thing which fell off as i was driving from Brisbane to the Sunshine coast.  Rather than fit the new one, i was waiting until it was resprayed so i wouldn't have to pull it out twice.
  • There is a small leak in the tappet cover gasket from the head not being perfectly flush (bottom of head was planned so the headgasket is a perfect seal), one small leak from the front cover gasket and one small leak from the front of the diff.
  • The Dash is cracked, and currently has a cover on it.

Other than that, as mentioned, the car drives and runs fine.  All the electrics work, all of the lights work, it is adequately cooled and doesn't overheat.  The carbs have been reconditioned by Lou Mondello and tuned by CnJ Motorsport in Brisbane, and almost all of the wiring inside the car and engine bay has been refreshed.  As mentioned, i don't really know what it is worth, but considering some of the other cars which are up for sale and the amount of modifications done to this, i would be looking for something around the 45k mark.  If that number offends you because it still needs a repaint, that's fine, but if you could source a decent condition body, i would urge you to think about how much time, effort and money you would need to spend to source/make/install the bits this has.  If it doesn't sell, i will probably just pull my finger out and finish the body.
Picture time
before loom tidy and trumpet shortening
It make 180 5 days before and running rich.  This day was a very humid day
old exhaust and not yet lowered
Video Time!
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I have been a passenger in this car and it drives and sounds great. Whilst there are some imperfections in the paint up close, it still looks great and from a couple metres away you would be lucky to tell. Interior is really nice with only exception being the missing roof lining. Not sure about any rust but I would definitely say that you could more than enjoy this car for many years before stripping down if that was more akin to your situation.

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I say keep enjoying it as is, nice paint is good and all but then you're always worried about getting a stone chip or a scratch on it. At least this way it's useable, albeit not perfect but honest and something you can take out and just enjoy.


It would be hard to find another in this shape.

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Horsepower figures noted.

This car is very very nice!

I had the white 240Z i was working on, here, almost sold, at $43,000

This should be at least that!


Fwiw, my old blue car, at a 1.5 mm overbore, sucking through a standard ZX throttle body, with that crappy stock injection manifold,,,

Pulled 214 hp at the treads,

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Thanks all. it will be sad to see it go, but I'm pretty sure this is the right decision for me at the moment. Quite a few people have made contact already, which is also encouraging.


What camera gear are you using ? Great clarity on the shots.

Oh yeah , cars nice too..!

A combination of iPhone and 5d mk3 :)

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where is it heading? am really surprised it too so long to sell considering the demand and jump in prices had all the good bits thats for sure

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