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What's My 260Z 2+2 Worth

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Hi peeps.


Sorry if this is out of order but I'm forced to sell my project 260Z and I have no idea what to ask for it. I don't want to rip myself off but I also want to be realistic with the selling price so it actually sells.


I don't have any pictures yet but will try to update this thread with some pics over the weekend however it's basically as follows:


1977 260Z 2+2

Factory manual

Factory white

Factory AC car


We purchased the car from a chap in Sydney a few years back now.  Currently it is sitting in the shed after having the following work done to it (most of which was done by the previous owner):


  • New 2K paint job some 8 years ago now. All rust removed at the time and painted factory white in 2K.  Now there are no bubbles in this paint but some imperfections are starting to show. nothing major just minor stuff caused by age I guess. Receipt for over $8000 spent on this.
  • Fully rebuilt engine (original motor) that has been blue printed and balanced. Incl new clutch also balanced. This work was done by some hotshot Sydney Nissan guru according to the chap we got it from however there are no receipts for the motor. It is obvious that it has been fully stripped and rebuilt.
  • Original bumpers have been rolled and rechromed
  • Comes with original Hitachi carbs
  • Also has a set of rebuilt Su's or CD Strombergs (I can't remember).
  • Has original alloy rims, original air cleaner etc
  • Plus heaps more like extractors, new engine mounts, new plugs, belts, hoses etc

Interior is in pretty good and original condition although needs carpet and a general tidy up. Includes spare centre console.


Overall it's a very original car that needs to be reassembled and finished off.  We have installed the motor and gearbox but no driveshaft as yet.  Put another genuine new rear main seal in the motor before fitting just in case as the motor was rebuilt a few years back now and just been sitting there


I know without pictures it's hard to say but what do the gurus think is a fair price for the thing?


Thanks in advance



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Hi Mate


Without pictures it is impossible to give you a decent idea.

Especially given it is in pieces,

how far apart ?

Any parts missing ?

Having said that I will start the ball rolling and say maybe $4K


But seriously that is just throwing a random number out there.


Look forward to seeing photos, and may well change my view then :)






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I'm not going to try to guess, if it was all assembled even not running it would be worth a lot more. Otherwise potential buyers are going to look at it as a collection of parts.

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Based on work done, and it is fully assembled, and able to be driven, up to $15-17k

As is, in parts, $5-7k .


Be interesting to know who the "hotshot engine guru" is,,,,,,

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Yes you need to post pictures but even then without seeing the car in the flesh & poking around it's hard to pin down a value as there are always lots of variables.

At present it's a project car with a pile of uninstalled bits some usable some not & so the value is well down compared to a complete driveable car, & you're competing with other vehicles in the same situation of which there always seems to be a number of project 2+2s up for sale.

It's a great pity that you find yourself forced to sell & aren't in a position to finish it. In situations like this very often the project owes the vendor a fair bit more than can be retrieved, it's an inconvenient truth & fact of life. So my advice is to assemble as much of it as you can before you advertise it as an unfinished project & then it will present a lot better & put fewer people - the ones who are not so handy with DIY, anyway - off.

Am looking forward to seeing pictures, IMO they look good in white.

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