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Attaching Points For Original 240 Exhaust - Fots Pls

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I was lucky enough to score a set of NOS header pipe and main pipe. So basically I'm missing just the rear can, which looks generic enough (I think it was originally round with an offset tip),

Anyway, I found this photo of what the guy reckons is a full set of NOS mounts

see halfway down the page


my question are

1. if they have to be remanufactured,  what is the metal thickness for the metal brackets

2. are there any generic parts i can use? I noticed that supercheap had some basic clamps and hangers, like this http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/online-store/products/Spareco-Exhaust-Clamp-C6-45mm-1-3-4-.aspx?pid=9108&menuFrom=50605#Recommendations

3. where are the actual brackets on the car? i can see the one for very rear on the subframe, but nothing else

4. where does the front bracket bolt onto the gearbox?

5. where can i buy those generic rear cans on the cheap

thanks in advance


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