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What's Wrong Wit Acrylic?

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hello all,

i'm almost ready to start spraying some panels and the inside with some 905 colors, but a guy at a paint shop told me that red acrylic will only last 6 months in the sun and tried to upsell me to 2 pack. I have done acrylics in the garage before and they came out pretty good.

I wasn;t going to put clear on top as I have seen that in acrylics, the clear is always the first to start to fade and peel. Whereas with solid you can just do a quick cut and its all good

The reason I was going for acrylic is that I'm not that good of a sprayer and its a bit more forgiving with mistakes

Not going for a show car here, just something basic

Any ideas?


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acrylic is very old technology, just doesn't last like 2k does. 2k is easy 2 spray and no reason anyone cant spray it. 

Just need to make sure your gun is spraying correctly and ratios are mixed right.

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How well will you look after the car ?


For a "hobby" car, stored out of the elements and treated to a polish every now and then, acrylic is fine (I actually prefer the finish to 2K).


For a car that won't get as much love, 2K will be a more resilient, tougher finish.


Only lasting 6 months is way off the mark.....

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2K shouldnt be sprayed outside of a booth, if the EPA catch you doing it they'll really kick your ass.
It does give a better finish off the gun and its a lot harder paint, so it lasts longer, more chip resistant ect.
Its a little harder to cut back and polish though, you wouldnt do it by hand...

Acrylic is softer, easier to cut and polish (easier to accidentally cut through, particularly on edges) and in theory can achieve a higher gloss with lots of rubbing.
I have heard that all the real high end hotrods are still painted in acrylic because they can get such a great finish out of it, but those cars are often full on show cars or very rarely driven.

I have sprayed in acrylic and had a bit of a go with 2K, i prefer 2K
Im no expert though, for that you'd want to listen to the golden advice of Sirpent (John)

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