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Timing Chain Crank Sprocket Removal?

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Hi all,


Getting ready for an upgrade in the next few weeks (Pictures will come once i lock in a weekend at my mates house) . Just a question so I don't get stumped during the process.


As I have a new timing chain kit with new guides, cam, and crank sprockets, I cannot seem to get a clear picture from the haynes and even the FSM.


Will the crank sprocket for the timing chain simply slide off once the crank pulley is removed? or will it require a little more persuasion, ie, heat.


The rest seems pretty simple. At least with the megasquirt I don't realy need to line up the distriburator at TDC. I can just install it anyway I like and set its Zero position with a timing light.




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mine simply slid off by hand, there are posts where chaps have used pullers chisels and heat, luck of the draw I'm afraid ..

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