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Replacement For The Foam Strips For Fender/guard Supports

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there are a couple on the brackets that support the guard at the top, one vertical that runs at the back of the guard... and a couple that support the cowl cover. i suspect they're there to stop the panels drumming and booming

my ones disappeared a while back, but left healthy patches of rust.(and holes)

will the generic ones from clarke's rubber fit, if so what type and thickness?


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EPDM sponge foam.

It's a closed cell foam.

A roll of self adhesive foam suitably sized.

Clarke, UES, or any of the packaging and tape suppliers should help, not sure where is local for you.

There are other tapes available, but as mentioned above careful as some are open cell and hold water.

Can anyone advise all the section sizes the Z uses?


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Look at Lord Fusor anti-flutter foam.

I bought some a while ago, but didn't get around to using it, so it probably went off... Sadly it has a short shelf life so I found that you had to order it in, not something that is kept on shelves.


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Just use generic foam strips, as Jason says though to make sure they really are a closed cell type. That's all the originals were, narrow foam strips & pads; typically they have long crumbled away with time.

FWIW I used some - supposedly - closed cell foam weather strips that I bought from a major hardware outlet, to seal my garage door against rain intrusion. They're not completely closed cell though, a decent enough storm & they will take up water. So I'll be checking soon to see what Clarkes stock.

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