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Wtb 240 And/or 260Z Coupe

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Hi all,


Yet again, another Fairlady Z 'fan' looking to buy their first. As the title suggests, I'm looking for a suitable (unmolested/close to original condition) 240Z or 260Z two-seater. Have been scanning classified websites and other cracks of the internet for Zeds since graduating high school three years ago, though my interest in the Datsun Z expands far longer than that. Had an opportunity last year, though it was gone within a week of inspecting it - I should've made an offer on the spot!


Price range between $20-$28k (basically as much as I can extract from my apprenticeship income!). Can travel, though my preferred area of purchase is Brisbane and surrounding areas.


My goal is to find a car already registered, or one that doesn't need too much work to get on the road. I can definitely handle minor mechanical work - body/panel work, wiring, engine/drivetrain etc - though am not capable of large rust removal or other technical fab work, so please no rust buckets! Though my budget should surpass "them" projects.. just :D



ANY help in locating one suitable would be very appreciated. Also, hello to all forum members! I'm new here :) THANKS!


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