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L28 Turbo & Powertrain For Sale

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Hey all


It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm moving out of my current house, and clearing out some stuff I no longer need.


Here we have the complete L28 turbo engine and powertrain that I had in my '73 240Z before I put the RB25T in it.


I am offering the complete setup here before I decide to part it out!


There is the engine itself, which is around 400hp, with a T3/T4 turbo I built up when I was at Nissan Motor Sport in the 90's. The bottom end is an L28 N42 block, with 86.5mm RB30 pistons swinging on L24 rods, and an L28 crank. Cylinder head is a ported N42 with an A-grind cam from a 240Z. The block deck is fitted with 0.060" stainless steel O-rings that ensure no blown head gaskets due to inadequate gasket clamping. The inlet manifold is a customised 280ZX fuel injection manifold with a larger VS Commodore throttle body. Fuel injectors are from a Supercharged VS V6 Commodore engine. The exhaust manifold I made myself and is constructed of heavy wall steam pipe for very long life. It has a custom oil pan that I made along the lines we used to run on the HR31 Skylines at Nissan Motor Sport, complete with trap doors and 7 litre volume for high performance use. It has a lightened flywheel and R32 Skyline GTR clutch. It has crank triggered ignition along with a Motec M48 engine management system, fully calibrated for this package (that's $1,000+ worth of tuning right there!). The engine has probably done around 10,000km in it's life due to the occasional driving I use the car for, and has never been raced. It has had 50/50 coolant in it the whole time, so there is no corrosion in the aluminium components.


The gearbox is one I imported from Canada from a 280Z. The FS5W71B transmission as fitted to non-turbo cars that North America got was different to Australia, and had more favorable ratios for a turbo engine, including 5th gear (0.745:1 compared with 0.864 for Australia). With a 3.7:1 rear axle this engine is at 2,500RPM when cruising at 100km/h. I changed all the bearings and seals in it when I put it in the car, and it's in excellent condition for a gearbox of this age...it has not done much work and makes no bearing or gear noises when driving.


The car was calibrated at Amberley Autos and starts right up as well as making blistering torque and power from around 2,500RPM. The engine makes useable boost from around 2,000RPM. Even with 235/40R17 tyres, my car will break traction in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears.....it's a very capable package.


All inlet ducting, custom made 3" mandrel exhaust system, sensors, fuel pressure regulator, boost control, wiring harness, ECU, radiator is offered. The only things required to support the engine installation into your car is an intercooler, electric fuel pump(s) and electric cooling fans should you choose to run them.....I even set the throttle up so it interfaces with the standard Z linkage setup for easy installation.


The engine was removed from the car in 2010, and I would suggest a once-over including replacement of a few seals and gaskets may be in order. I have these parts, and can do it for you if needs be, or you can do it yourself if you'd prefer. Otherwise the engine was preserved when I removed it and will start right up with a minimum of effort.


You will get a powertrain that turns a 240/260/280Z into a rocket ship, and all the hard work is done to fabricate things and get the whole lot working as a package, including the tuning which is no small thing with custom turbo charged engines.


The whole lot is yours for $5,000, which is a fraction of what it took to set this powertrain up.







0425 786 388







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