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Sold '74 Manual 260Z 2-Seater

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Model: Manual 1974 260z, RS30-000811. Full service history & paperwork. One lady owner for 35 years.


Location: Adelaide


Item Condition: Better than most “unrestored” I’ve seen. Perfect base for restoration. That was my plan, but we've only got one car-space and I need to bring my 77z home for the finishing touches.


Price: Looking for 25k. That should make it the cheapest registered 2-seater around by close to 5 figures.


Body: As pictured. Has undergone two resprays, from Metallic Gold to Metallic Blue in the 80’s, and then from the blue to it’s current …. rather pinkish… colour probably 15 ish years ago.

Took a magnet over the whole car when I bought it and know there’s some filler in the dog legs. Welcome to bring a magnet or depth meter and poke around the whole car.


The interior is a little rough, the driver’s seat needs a reskin.


Mechanical: Have driven it around for about 2 years without any issues. Unfortunately doesn’t have the original matching number engine, as it blew a head gasket and was cheaper for the previous owner to just buy a replacement motor. 

* Equipped with round-top SU carbs

* The fuel gauge doesn’t work below 1/4 tank

* Clock doesn’t work

* Surprisingly, no other electrical gremlins.


Registration: Currently not, but will sell with 3 months of SA Rego.



I’ve taken some very honest photos of the worst parts of the car, along with the normal 'pretty' pictures. Album here:


Extra Info

The car was purchased in 1974 from Bill Cooke motors in Townsville, to a gent based there with the army I believe. After a few years, the car made its way down to SA, where it was purchased by the previous owner in 1979. She has religiously kept receipts for all work done to the car, and it was her daily driver until probably 2010. She only sold as the lack of power steering was getting a bit too difficult for her. She was heavily into animal activism, so covered the car in stickers and painted it hot pink. Shame about the colour…


Like all undocumented resprays, I can’t guarantee what’s under there. I know it’s probably close to a 15 year old paint job, and it seems to be holding up well enough.


* Will include original hubcaps (no wheels).

* Full service history and papers. Everything is in there.

* Believe all original tools are included.

* Original gear knob!

* Repco air conditioning! Only blows air though… Might even work with a regas.



Have a good look through the photos on Flickr, feel free to give me a call on 0411 251 929 outside of work hours, or e-mail me on hello(at)ryankennedy.io



Have been debating with myself whether or not to let it go for a few weeks now. Will be really sad to see it go. Please don't buy it  : :)

Keen for the car to go to someone who wants to do an original or period style restoration.

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Deposit taken. Happy to report she's staying in SA -- not another one sent over to Vic!



Donation sent your way Gav.

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