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Hi All


Thinking about building a 260z IMSA copy for VSCC and SES racing in WA. Currently running a RF GT40.

I have found a few IMSA panel kits in America but is there anyone in Australia that sells them?


Hoping to share my build on your forums




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Hi Dave,

I would ask Alfa Fiberglass in Victoria.



When I was in San Francisco I went with a couple of other S30Z enthusiasts to a guy's place who was selling some S30Z parts. He reckons his father did the original moulds in that widebody style back in the day.


The 280YZ kit



There was photos on the wall of their old race car. I have no reason to doubt him. I think he said they sold the moulds onto someone.


Anyway if you're struggling to find it, I may be able to get his contact details again. He was busy turning a relatively rust free original 240z into a race car. Kind of broke my heart, but they are still relatively common over that way.

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I have a good link in the States , anyone else interested in a IMSA body kit? just trying to see if someone locally is supplying .

I have sent an email to Alpha, see what they say.


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