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We are moving towards a new style of world. Where a lot of people these days, are more mobile, so they want an apartment or a town house, over the old 1/4 acre block so they can come and go as they please, without worrying about the lawn being overgrown, etc. Kids aren't paying outside as much as they used to, just spending more and more time in front of screens (not saying that is a good thing). 

I grew up in Adelaide, and my family is still there. It is a very liveable city, and I could possibly see myself living there again (fantastic driving roads!).

I think we are heading into a time where people don't need to live in a city anymore, they can work from anywhere as long you have a good internet connection.


For me, after living in Sydney for almost 20 years, I moved to the NSW Southern Highlands, and I will never move back. I have the benefit of not having to live in the city, so I don't. I live on over half an acre, I don't have to deal with traffic, and I can walk to cafe's and restaurants, etc.


Unfortunately the world is changing, and it is nice to reminisce about how things were, I think, like it or not, the only real option is to adapt with it. 

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