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Hitachi Radio - Vintage Terminal / Connectors?

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As the subject states I'm looking for vintage style automotive plugs to suit my Hitachi radio restorations. (see attached image - plug at top)


After doing a bit of research it looks like these might be useful links.




I'm wondering if they have a more common name? *Edit 110 connector seems to be the family of connectors.


It looks like the industry name is:
3 pin .110 - 2.8mm Male and Female locking connector



As an FYI:

This style looks like the Jeco Rally Clock connector style.

9 pin .110 - 2.8mm Male and Female locking connector



Q. Does anyone know of a local website / business in Australia that sell these? I will ask JayCar but maybe there is another place where I can find this stuff locally?

$_57 (10).JPG

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