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Rear Hatch Interior Light Panel Card- Shaped Or Flat?

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I've pulled the rear hatch panel out of my 2+2 to replace it with new hood lining material.

The old panel card was so badly damaged by moisture I can't tell if the original was curved or just flat?

The metal ends riveted to the card are curved but other than that I it's got lumps and bumps all over it.

I've borrowed this photo from an EBay seller's photos as it is the best example I can find showing the panel in question.
This panel is horribly out of shape and tells you that water has been leaking onto it.

If you have replaced it let me know if you shaped the panel or put it in flat.


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OK. I've answered my own question. From the old roof and the shape of the rear light roof strut I could see the panel was meant to be curved on one side.

I tried to make a replacement out of 3 mm Kraftwood by soaking in water and bending to suit but it came out weak and  out of shape.
I reasoned that if the old panel was put out of shape by water, why not try and use water to put it back into shape.

I soaked the lower part that was meant to be flat in water for 1/2 hr

Then placed it on a flat surface with weights to level out the bumps.

It has returned to its "proper" shape and when totally dry I plan to coat the back with some fiberglass resin to keep it's proper shape.
I'm quite pleased with being able to reclaim this original piece as it was in a horrible shape to begin with.

The thin foam coating will be replaced with the 2mm floor underlay foam recommended in another post.


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The recovery of the panel is almost complete. I managed to flatten it out again and have fiberglassed it from behind to give it strength and water resistance.

Here it is flat.



Fiberglassed from behind. I just need to smooth the edges before I replace the end fittings and recover it.


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