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So here we have Eliza a 72 model 240z Vin #10572 from Alice Springs which I am the 4th owner of and has spent 11 years with it's previous owner, 7 with the one before that and prior was purchased new.
Story time..
I'm fairly new to the Datsun scene but have been a Nissan enthusiast for the past 15 years home building my 2nd R32 (In the background of the top pic) and being a home mechanic to friends who owned R33 and R34s in the past. 
Last year I was searching for a new car but absolutely nothing on the market tickle my fancy that was under 100k so I floated the idea to the Mrs that I may be interested in a Tesla in the future which she didn't mind so while I waited for the day the Model 3 will be available I was bored and without something to tinker on. As a kid my dad had a few Datsuns, one of which was converted to a tyre carrier for the workshop (I'll try find a pic) so physiologically the idea was always there, I looked at a few american muscle car and apart from being too large for my liking I loved admiring them but just couldn't picture myself owning one. Scanning online for a datsun I came up on a 2+2 which really spoke to me and after making an offer on it I purchased my first Datsun in Feb this year (pic below).
Fast forward all of about a month and another forum member posted up a Gumtree ad of Eliza which got my attention due to the fact that the car was not painted yet and came with quite a few parts both new and used. Now looking at the 2 seater market I knew that the car would be sold within 48 hours so I called the seller and asked as many questions as I could to ascertain its current state. Over the next 24 hours the seller was helpful answering all my questions and sending more pictures of the car as well as the new and used parts that it came with and also assisting in transporting the car and what turned out to be 2 pallets of parts to me. After another chat to the Mrs (she's quite supportive) I made an offer on Eliza which included transport and the deal was done.
This brings us to the present and after waiting about 4 weeks for the driver to be heading out east with the truck I took delivery.
So A little about Eliza..
In her current state she has been sitting in primer for 2 years, previously painted a maroon and looking like she was originally brown. She was advertised as a 71 but after getting the VIN from the seller is actually a 2/72 build and some of the great things she comes with are new(and original) front guard, new door skins, complete new interior, new tyres, new suspension + more that I am yet to open.. I could almost part her out for profit if I was stupid enough.. As for her direction it will be a resto mod with flavor from the old school times I plan to strip her all the way down and make a decision in the near future if I want to media blast the she before I move forward.
Currently I am dusting and taking pictures of all the parts which I will need assistance in identifying some things from the pros here and I'll post a link at the end to a google drive.
Anyway I'll shut up and give you what you really want to see and post more picture as I continue sorting.
Feel free to browse my 240z google drive for a heap of part pics (some of which are not even datsun parts).


Original ad.





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Good luck and a great find. Look forward to seeing how this goes 8)

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This is an exceptional purchase.
A friend who travels to The Alice for work looked at this car and was thinking of purchasing it but things didn't quite work out.

If you are as happy as he is disappointed then you will be a very happy fellow. From what he said the car has had quite a bit of work done to it.

Well done.


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Hi Mate


Nice purchase, looking forward to seeing your build thread.





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Thanks all

Congrats! Why and how did you wait a whole month to share this!? :P


What are your plans?


I purchased the car mid March and it was only yesterday that I took delivery so I wanted to make sure everything arrived safe before I created a build thread, didn't want to jinx it.  ;D  

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Overall it looks like you got a good deal on that, most of the hard to find stuff is still with it. Hopefully the body is good underneath!

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First post updated with some progress with unpacking..


10 points if anyone guesses where the name Eliza derives from.

Maybe you are a fan of "My Fair Lady" - Eliza Dolittle ?

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Small update over the past months I have been trying to sort out existing parts, replace some old bits and try grab a bargain here and there as I see them..

Some pics of a L28 I purchased off a member at a great price and I also picked up a 260z box fairly cheap I may end up using the bell housing only.
Center console part is from 240zrubberparts.

Badges and window winders were from a single seller in Japan.

Inspection lamp was a great price considering how much one sold for on the ebay this last.

The radio/blower unit is interesting, purchased from yahoo Jap the map light works but I have to look into possibly testing the radio and hoping for the best..

















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