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Robertson Classic Car Show

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took a trip to Robertson today and took the long way down the freeway to Illawarra Hwy and up Macquarie Pass. Love that bit of road. Cops were out in force today and I'm curious to see if I get some nice surprises in the mail in the next couple of days. 


Anywhoo......there were only 3 Zeds at the show


Very clean 240 with Tan interior





and this Green Hornet with black vinyl roof...............needed a wash




and one 280ZX



and a powerpack Police car 202 auto Kingy!!!



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Ahhh the green hornet with the vinyl roof. That is what my car must have looked like once upon a time. I have been busy welding up all the vinyl roof attachment holes lately. Thanks for the pic.

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it's not pretty. I wonder why they ever bothered with a vinyl roof

Vinyl roofs were so much the fashion, actually viewed as upmarket, back in the days of Disco & Flares O0

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