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Austin And His Austin Moving To Datsun

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Hello everyone, I'm currently the proud owner of an 1966 Austin Healey Sprite Mk3 but am looking to transfer to the Datsun side of life.
My family and I have had many different classic cars including, Citroen DS', Wolsley 6/80, small fiats, a Jenson Healey, Volkswagens and Datsun's on my mother's side and a valiant regal station wagon to name a few. I'm quite eager to jump into my own 260z in the very near future but it seems as I begin to find the perfect examples they sell that night, which after a while can be the slightest bit annoying.
Here's a picture of my current Austin that is going to be my main funds for a swap or sale to get a Z.

I've also included a picture of a recently sold Jenson Healey, was an insane 4cyl Lotus powered rocket.


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Welcome, yes cars are selling quickly as prices have moved in the last couple of years. Best to find cars that nobody else knows about yet. Relying on the Internet has it's drawbacks.

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