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Rust Proofing

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Penatrol ?

Wonderful stuff, but apparently isn't stable under Acrylic based paints....

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Another vote for KBS. I painted the underside and engine bay of my S14 shell when it was on  the rotisserie after getting all the sound deadening and sealant off.


Only problem I have had is the colour changed from the nice bright white white to a creamy white over a few months. Because of this I will have to scuff the engine bay and hit it with the same white the rest of the car will get.


In terms of the coating itself, I haven't been able to knock any of the coating off car when it was still on the rotisserie, or now on the ground with the suspension it it.


Prep was as per the instructions after I had cleaned all the deadening material off with wire brush or plastic paint stripper wheels. After hosing with the high pressure water spray I used compressed air to blow dry the engine bay and underside before priming and then painting. The only thing I would do different would be to use a sponge applicator rather than brushes like I did. Spraying wasn't an option for me at the time.

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My RA60 has been done with TECTYL from brand new and not a bit of rust can be found. One thing I did notice the holes where the wand has been inserted has been punched not drilled which makes sense as it leaves no little bits of steel inside panels. Also I have this rather great little spray gun for spraying Tectyl and lanolin everywhere.


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