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[Urgent] Alternator Dead, Need Assistance

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Hey guys i need your help!!! My 240z alternator is suddenly dead while driving. Called NRMA and they confirmed its alternator problem not battery problem. Anyone suggest what is the best way to replace it? Tow the car to nearest workshop or call mobile mechanic? My car is park at olympic park now but i live far away from there. Somebody suggest to call shane(lube mobile) but can't find him on the website. And im worried about some workshop don't have correct alternator for replacement.



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Hi Jackson.

If you put a fresh battery in the car, you will be able to start and drive the car a good few hundred k's during the day (no head lights on). You can then pull the alternator out and have it reco'd by an auto electrician or replace it by another you find on the forum or elsewhere.

Where are you located in Sydney? If you are near the Sutherland shire, you are welcome to borrow my fully charged battery from my Z.


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You don't need a Z specialist to replace or recondition a 240Z alternator. It's a simple job most autoelec or mechanic can do.


While you are at it you may want to do a 280zx alternator upgrade. Do a search on the forum.

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