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1975 - 78 260/280Z Interior Interchangeability

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This is a question I suspect will not be easily answered, but I'm sure the forum guru's will be able to help me out.


I've recently been looking for interior trim and panel pieces for my 7/75 260Z 2 seater. I bought the car with very little interior trim or panelling. This was great at the time of purchase, as it meant easy inspection of all areas. At the time of purchase, I focused heavily on getting a car with a reasonable body but ignored much of the interior shortfalls. In hindsight, this was quite an error. If I had the choice again, I'd place as much, if not more importance on a clean, intact interior, as I would on clean metal. 


I've come across several eBay US items recently that were listed as items for 77-78 Z's. They have all been very reasonably priced and had very low shipping rates(comparatively). I was unable to establish through the seller, or google/forum searching weather they would suit my 75 Z. They have since disappeared and I'm still none the wiser. Some of the pieces in question were as follows:


RH Interior quarter panel 1975-76



RH Interior quarter panel 1977-78



The only difference I'm really seeing is the perforations. Will they both fit into a 75Z?


LH Interior quarter panel 1975-76



LH Interior quarter panel 1977-78



Again, all I see is the perforations.


Interior quarter window panels and dog legs !975-76



I have also seen these from 1977-78 (according to sellers) cars and they appeared the same, minus the perforations. Will they all fit my 75 or not?


Are there any other parts I should be aware of that are NOT interchangeable between 1975/76/77/78 2 seaters?


Thanks people.





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Well they look pretty much the same in those small images but difficult to be sure when they are not orientated quite the same.

But didn't the rear strut towers differ between the 75/76 cars & the 77/78 cars? Get taller? Or was that on the 2+2s? But if that IS the case then the interior panels would be different, something to check anyway.

I too have noticed differences in the perforation patterns between Zeds, maybe due to different radios or radio/tapedecks' speakers fitted in different years or different markets?

I have a suspicion that the RH rearmost panel MAY differ; well almost certainly with later 260s than my 74, shaping looks different, wondered if there was more emissions pipework attached to the fuel tank for venting or something? But then my car is NZ-new with less emissions gear than the Aus cars or US 260 & 280Zs. So that may not be relevant.

FWIW my 2c worth anyway. Looking forward to learning more.

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My car is a 7/75 build and it has the taller strut towers. I'm not sure of the change over date from short to tall. I too would have guessed the perforations were all about audio equipment, but again, can't be sure. Hopefully someone who knows their stuff will be able to learn us.

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I see your car has plastic doglegs attached to the window surrounds. The doglegs on mine are separate & are the same thin padded vinyl finish as the door trims.

Looks like you'll have a much easier job finding a spare or replacement set of trims than I ever would though, my car's a bit of an orphan detail-wise compared to the later 260s.

Off topic I know, but I'm curious & you'd know - with the taller strut towers, are the strut tubes any taller or is the difference in the rubber/metal strut caps?

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Later plastics are also much thicker and heavier than the early ones aswell.

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