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L28 Vs L26 Sump

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Hey guys,


Just need someone to clarify something up for me. So basically I've got an L26 and L28, however the sump on the L28 is dented (due the the guy sending the engine to me with the sump used as a stand haha).


I've pulled off both sumps from the L26 and L28 and the similarities and differences are below;


1. Bolt pattern is the same

2. L26 is more of a mid-sump arrangement, L28 is more of a rear-sump arrangement (I'm assuming both clear the front subframe on my 240z so that shouldn't be an issue)

3. Sump capacities? (can someone confirm if they're the same)

4. Dipstick location on the block? (can someone confirm if the L28 dipstick location is suited to either arrangement, otherwise I'll get an off reading)

5. Pick-up tubes are different, but swapping them over doesn't seem to be an issue if the sumps are compatible.


Any positives/negatives as well would be nice!






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the short answer is the one that's square and doesn't leak, both will work with respective pickups on a l28 in a zed

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