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Horn Relay Replacement 71 240Z

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Afternoon all


My horn has died. Horbs themselves grounded and work when relay bridged. Contact on the wheel is clean and has good contact. Plan to replace the relay but local repco didnt have the right relay. Any suggestions?


Understand needs to be a 3 pin 15A 12V relay.



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Hi Huw


If you can't find the factory type 3 pin job just use a standard 4 pin one.


The circuit for a horn relay is pretty simple.

Connect the positive 12v wire to terminal 85

Connect he steering wheel contact to terminal 86

Connect a constant 12v (Min 10A) to terminal 30

Connect terminal 87 to the horn wire

All of these wires should be present at the current relay, terminal 85 & 30 can use the same feed somlong as it is capable of 10A plus.





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Hmmm. No luck yet. May be higher up as well.

Sanity check- if this is right I will chase higher up in steering column circuits etc. However, contacts have already been checked and cleaned and mechanism double checked as well.

On the 4 prong relay. . .

85 runs to the GR wire. Runs to fuse box and ultimately, battery. 30 also uses this this wire.

86 runs to the GB wire to the horn button.

87 runs to the Green wire to the horn.

Will try and put wiring diagram up.

Wiring Diagram HiRes 2


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