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Su Round Top Linkage Setup

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Could not find a thread here anywhere here but has anyone put up much about the various setups on the SU's?


Firstly my 2+2 has what I thought was the standard setup but with a closer look it was not getting full throttle. The geometry appears wrong with the way in which the adjustable arm that goes down perpendicular to the linkage between the carbies.  


When I compared them to a mate's L20A Fairlady (import JDM-last photo) its setup was different in that the centre linkage was in board of the centreline of the shaft between the carbies. This resulted in the shaft rotating counter clockwise looking from the front of the car whereas mine rotates clockwise. 


Checking my son's 2+2 it rotated the same direction as mine.


1. Has anyone come across differing shaft rotation directions before?

2. Has anyone seen a instruction to set up the linkages  




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