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Headlight Combination Switch Rebuild S30Z (240Z/260Z) Etc..

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to post a link so you can bookmark these resources.






I will attempt this myself with a spare switch I have and will try and write my own tutorial and attach images here (since sites like that often have a habit of disappearing with their images over time) so it's good to have our own resource.


If anyone in the interim gives this a go please post your results here. Above all don't throw away your old units! They can be rebuilt!

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I followed the tutorial in the second link to rebuild mine recently. Great step by step guide and the switch now works great :) I also have to rebuild my indicator switch at some point too..

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I've done away with my headlight combination and placed a series of switched on the dash.


I'm keen to have a spare indicator/high beam switch so I'm looking to swap my headlight combination switch for an indicator/high-beam switch.


Any takers?



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