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Hi I just joined the forum. I recently purchased H30 00675 from Classic Throttle shop in Sydney.

The car was exported to the UK and I'm now carrying out a sympathetic restoration on the car. It is a highly original 1971 Z with 54K miles believed correct. Its spent most of its life in NSW and Victoria I believe and I'm trying to piece together history on the car.


Any information would be very greatly received.







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Hi Albert,

Great car and I'm sure the members here will appreciate knowing where the car has ended up. Hopefully we can dig up some history on it for you and find the previous owner(s).


The car wasn't really well known in this community until it showed up for sale. I believe the Sydney Z Car Club may have been familiar with it though.

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Hi Albert


Great to see the car in good hands it is certainly a very good example of the model.

Have you got it registered in the UK as yet ?



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