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Wtb - Roadworthy 240Z/260Z 2 Seater Vic 15K

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Hey guys!


First time poster, long time reader. 

Currently trying to find my first running and drivable 260z/240z (2 Seater) for daily duties, not looking for a project as I don't have the space!



Ideally mechanically sound and complete not too fussed about paint work. 



If you have been thinking of selling get in touch and make my dreams come true. 



ps I am aware the 240z is a lot higher in price but added just in case...







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Well, didn't take long for that to go. That's happening more & more lately!



A couple more will likely turn up for $15k in the next 6 months odd.


Few suggestions:


* Spend more now & you'll save yourself twice that later. Don't bother with anything that has "just a bit" of rust in "the usual" places.

* You better watch this space/facebook/gumtree/ebay like a friggin hawk. There'll be hundreds of people doing the same. 



FWIW, my 2nd 260z had one lady owner for the last 40 years. Saw it on Gumtree while on lunch break, made the call as soon as I saw it, went to test drive the next day & paid her for it the day after.


Funny I wasn't really looking for one ( and she'd painted it a pretty ... striking .. colour) but I knew it'd be gone pretty quick, so a no brainer. She told us there were about half a dozen people who were happy to jump on a plane right away to come & get it, but she seemed to think my girlfriend & I would give it a loving home.

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Very lucky mate! It seems to really be about persistence more than anything. I have notifications on the 3rd party page and will set some up later in the for sale.


And appreciate the idea of spending a little more. I could only imagine what saving 5k is like only t have a way bigger problem on my hands in a couple of years!

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