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Intro From Geelong, Vic

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Hi all,


I've been looking through AusZCar for a while now and finally joined. I currently own a Nissan S15 and am very keen on restoring a 240Z or 260Z 2 seater.


To be honest, I've only been interested in the 240/260Z for the past year, but now I am on the hunt for one. I will keep the S15 as my daily and the Datsun as a weekender.


When I do finally buy one, depending on the condition of the engine I hope to either keep it original or do a RB25 swap. Most likely I aim to also create a build thread.


Looking forwards to the coming months...





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Welcome, what sort of condition are you looking for in a project car, complete rebuild, or just needing a good tidy up ?

Cars do come up from time to time, but you will need to act quickly when a car that is close to your needs cimes along.





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If you want a project, that's a project and they don't get much cheaper than that!


Well that is what prompted me to join. Pretty keen on that particular car. Will sleep on it for a bit, but I would imagine, even in the condition it is, it would sell very quickly.


Already started looking for interior parts...

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