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Intro From Melb 260Z 2+2

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I've played with Gemini's , 180b's, 1600's, 1200's, I loved the fact that a Datsun 4 cylinder car could exchange parts with so many other models.


I sold my 1200 wagon daily driver ( L20b, 5pd dogleg, ute diff ) about 1 year ago ( scored a BA Ghia that has been in the family since new as a daily car) and I have been wondering what to get next.


I had a short list of a new daily driver or something a bit special to play with on weekends ( RA28 / z260 2+2 or a 1600)


after about 6 months looking I called up a guy about a strange add on Gumtree selling parts and I ended up buying a complete car.


I've been reading this forum for about 6 months quietly and thought it was about time I joined



Andrew - (Eggy)




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Welcome. You're in good company with the number of members here that have blue buses!

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That's a nice looking car. I love it! (Come to think of it, it looks a lot like mine.)

I bought mine about 16 years ago (wow, that's going back a bit now.. I got it for $1400, it was just sitting out the front on someone's place in Richmond and not moving, street-sweeper marks going around it, so I knocked on the guy's door!). My excuse to buy it was that i had just got married and we needed a second car 'just in case'. My wife occasionally reminds me that I.. kind of... bought it for her..

But that's history now. If the unthinkable ever was to happen, she can keep the house.


Anyway, this is about your car. It looks in pretty good shape. Someone has already spent some time on it. Do you have any plans for it?



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Hi Andrew


Welcome, it is great to see another Blue bus on here.

Must say that in the photo she looks pretty good.


Feel like posting up some photos and details about condition and plans.





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The car has a hot L28 with triple 40mm webers / extractors. I'm currently working on getting the rwc sorted and have had to fix rust in the battery box area.


My plans are to:

lower a little

New shocks

make an airbox for the webers

change wheels due to the front rims limiting tire size due to offset ( tire almost touching strut with a 195 tire)

clean up interior

rust proof the car


I've added thermo fans as it overheats in traffic ( country car so they weren't needed)


long term goal will be full strip and repair all rust and repaint.


I'll be chasing a few parts soon to help finish it off.











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