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280Zx L28Et Loom/wiring Harness, Ecu

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Hey guys im chasing and l28et loom and ecu. I have just bought an l28et to put into my n/a 280zx. Also wondering if there is anything else i would need to do that i might be forgeting. 

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After having tried using 30 year old brittle plastic, heat affected looms with plugs, it was easier to have a cluey bloke rewire the car.

This was for a L28E


There will not be many L28ET OEM looms in Australia,


The stock ECU for a L28ET ihas two pcb's, inside,

the L28E is a single pcb ECU.

Have seen them on various USA sites for sale, both are rather antiquated when it comes to tunng, unless you interut the various signals going into the ECU from the sensors.


Said cluey blokes dont like using old stuff, maybe consider an aftermarket ECU of some type?


You're in Brisbane? Give SMART Automotive a call, he is a mechanic, but could put you nto a chap he ses for his engine loom work.

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As said above, you'd be better off going after market, then you could use part of the N/A loom.


I'll be using a mega squirt in my n/a once I get the funds together for the turbo dizzy/oilpump/gear spline. (Had a mega squirt 2 extra left over from my old 5 series.).

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