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Hi Guys,

                  First off apologies for not introducing myself sooner, I am a Datsun guy from way back, got my first 1600 sedan back in 1974 , so as you can tell already I am an old fart !!  I have been a Datsun guy for a long time,had 1600's, 180b SSS, 180B's ,  have raced them and rallied them, but dont do that anymore ( getting to old !!) but never owned  a Z car, so I figured now is the time to get back in after being out of Datsuns for about 20 years !! Although my sons are in !! owning a 1600SSS coupe, 1600 wagon and R32 GTR dirt circuit race car !!


I have been looking for about 3 months, and answered and add here on the classifieds, for the 260 2 seater restoration project, and much to my surprise when I called Ray up for a chat he also had a 240 that he has restored that he was prepared to sell !! So after some dicussion and negotiation I have managed to purchase both cars from him, so in a short space of time I have gone from no Zeds to 2 Zeds !!


                                      Anyway, I drove from Port Lincoln to Wagga and return on the weekend ( 3000km's round trip ) to collect the 260  2seater and the 240 will arrive on a truck in the next week or so. I will post some pics soon, but for the members interested in the numbers the 240 is number 00855, is now painted a burgundy/red colour and has an L26 in it .I look forward to being a part of the group and hope to post my journey through the restoration process !!


                                                                                                             Regards to all Mark B

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Welcome Mark


Buying 2 Z's straight up - well done.

Amazing that some say they can't finds cars to purchase ?


Looking forward to seeing what you do with the 260Z





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