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260Z 2+2 Complete Engine & Auto Gearbox Package

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For sale:  Engine Package out of 260z 2+2

Item Condition: Used & has been sitting for a while. Checked over it & replaced the oil. Cranked it over & it idles. Will need work or a rebuild

Price and price conditions:$800, i don't know what these are worth so i'm just guessing here. Open to offers & suggestions

Extra Info:

I'm going to be swapping in a new motor so anything i don't need its yours.

Hoping to have this gone asap

So i will put it up on ebay if not sold here

Complete 260z engine (with all bolt ons)

Radiator & all hoses

Full intake 

Full exhaust

Auto Gearbox

Contact Details: Text or call 0415305575

Location: Ryde in Sydney NSW Australia

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: I have a ute so can assist in delivering locally or to a shipping depot







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Run it as a Dutch Auction.

Keep dropping the price, in $200 increments, until someone pipes up and says, " yes, I'll take it"


At your current ask, its a little bit high.

The thing s, you wont know who out there will want one right now, or who will grab it just to strip t, and hold onto,,,,

( i've done a few,,,)

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Also there is a RB20 Det with all the good gear to run & fit it up for  $1500 & it's done 9000klmtrs.


                                          Regards: Alan.

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Ultra- Work Light is yours if you would like it.

Send me a PM and we can go from there.


Ahoy- This package is sold sorry.

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