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Datsun 240Z Hls30 Conv To Rhd Auto Restored

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Since I'm on a roll selling zeds, a friend has asked me to advertise his car on his behalf. Its a US import 240Z (have to confirm year...think its a 72) that has been converted to RHD by Rob at the Z Factory.

It had a ground up resto around 10 years ago and at the same time got its conversion done. Originality was paramount so all correct parts even down to the correct fasteners were sourced and used. It has factory AC, 4 speed auto, rebuilt bored L24 (approx 2600cc's) and standard mechanicals. Drives extremely well with nothing else to be done. Only issue is small 10c sized spot on the door bubbling up. Will get more info as soon as possible. Asking around $35-40k. Contact me on 0413 243760 so I can pass on his details.

Thanks everyone....





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The conversion was really well done from the looks of it, you'd never know apart from the US market radio as the giveaway.

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Nice looking car, especially the black bonnet.

4 Speed Auto, is that a US spec thing ?

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