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R.i.p David Bowie

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David Bowie has died aged 69 after a 18 month battle with cancer.

He had a long and varied career and reinvented himself several times during his career with worldwide chart success each time. His last album Blackstar was released only das ago.

He lived a life most of us would be envious of and anyone who is into music would understand his influence on musicians that have come along through the years

Saw an interview with him years ago where he said one thing he could never quit was smokes. Heroine and booze no problems, but smokes he just couldn't shake.

He was one cool dude.


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Yeah I was shocked and very upset to hear about this, I've been a big Bowie fan for quite a few years now. He is a major influence, I haven't been playing much guitar lately, but when I was I used to like playing a lot of his songs. Especially some of the more obscure stuff...


For some reason this song is in my head.



There was also a good cover that featured on the Starship Troopers film. (Zoe Poledouris - I have Not Been To Paradise)


I suspect his music is far more influential than most realise, David Bowie songs are featured in so many places and he used to work closely with Brian Eno, who's music is in many places if you know where to look.


I'm really sad, because he was such a creative soul and after seeing The Rolling Stones last year, I was really hoping I'd get a chance to see Bowie live. You just don't know when it won't be possible. Sadly it will never be possible for me to see him live now.


I have quite a few DVDs of his concerts and probably my favorite is the raw footage from his last show as the Spiders from Mars.



I'm pretty sure it was at Hammersmith...


If only I could have been there...My g/f says I've got an old soul because I like old things like old music, cars etc.. She's probably right.


All the young dudes, carry the news.

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Sad news, but he leaves a legacy of amazing music - so many different styles all of them brilliant.


Was lucky enough to see him on the Serious Moonlight tour back in '83 (or thereabouts) was a good show.



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