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Konig Rewind Rims Distributor

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Some of you may be wondering where to purchase Konig Rewinds as they are a cheaper alternative to the original Watanabe's. I've stumbled across a guy who works work a company called Kyoteki which is established in America however have a Tasmania branch.


Kyoteki sells Konig at a ridiculously low price.


E.G. estimated price i got for a set of Konig Rewinds in 16x8.5(-6) and 16x9.5(-19), total of 4, was $1060


Kyoteki make the order on our behalf and get them made and shipped to your door straight from the manufacturer. Estimated time 2 months to get to your door, 1 for making and 1 for sending from the US.


Link below shows he is a seller on the AE86DC forums.



You can also contact him at this email address. contact@kyouteki-tuning.com


Better act fast i don't think these prices will last long.


I've also been quoted $1600 at ozzytyres in NSW. WOOTZ!


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good spot Fu


if you go to there web site they also have some 240 stuff thats pretty good price!



Looks like a reseller of products that Gabriel makes  - see http://technotoytuning.com/ I have purchased stuff from him in the past, good to deal with and excellent custom service. He is also building/selling other products for zeds that is not listed on the site. ie see this thread on hybridz.org for his new Z32/S15 type conversion for the rear of a 240z/260z http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=122079


So I would go to the source as Gabriel does all this suspension work full time not like some of the zed shops that only make products/work on the web sales after their normal job is complete for the day.

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Well, I have another wheel option for you all....


Last week I ordered myself a set of Simmons OM18 wheels in 18"x8" for my circuit racer. They are a three piece wheel and are being made to my exact requirements. They should be finished and delivered by Easter, as they are setting up the machining for them now.


Because I have dropped the spring seats to get the ride height I need without sacrificing spring length or travel, I only have room for 100mm backspace. This has given me an offset of -15mm and will not quite fit under standard guards.


I have a set of Suzuki 4WD "eyebrow" flares for the rears and the front steel guards have been flared. My steel guards are a lot lighter than fibreglass and have the advatage of only bending when hit  ;)


The price maybe a little more than what the imported wheels are at a pinch under $750 each but I know that they will fit without any need for spacers or any other body work. PLus if there are any problems, or need repairs the manufacturer is in Sydney and has been around for around 40 years.

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you must have Arnie arms to race around in a Zed with 18".


please ignore if you have p-steering.



Power Steering!!!!!!!!!! Power Steering is for girls!!!!! ;D :D ;D


No power steering needed, the car is a circuit car only. Plus it has a 320mm steering wheel to make it even more of a challenge. ;D


In all seriousness, the Z with 18x8's and as much castor as we can get is not that heavy in the steering, even trundling around the pits. The Z is hardest to move pushing around corners as it runs welded diffs of various ratios depending on the track or event.


But then, I was bought up driving old XB falcons, Valiants and learnt to drive in a G60 Patrol, as well as various Datsuns, so I find myself very spoilt these days with power steer in just about any car on the market.

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