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Hi guys,

I started “playing” with one of my 240z that I recently purchased.  And yes, I am making one hell of a mess, all I can say is that god for roller doors to hide the pain.

I want to restore this car as close to original as possible (with a few exceptions) and I want to know if there is any way of telling for sure what the original colour would have been.  I have taken a few areas back and they reveal several different possibilities and I would like to be correct.  That said, if it was a crap colour then………………

Have a good Christmas,


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To identify the true color of the car when a paint code decal no longer exists, you will need to find an area that has been preserved from possible impact damage the elements and a full back to bare metal respray.


This would normally be on the inside of panels such as inner sills, inner turret skin, and other obscure area's.


If these area's have been recolored also then you will need to do a tree ring test to hopefully expose the original color.


This is done by flat sanding the area to expose the composite layers of substrate materials as per the picture attached.


If you do get to the original color, the sanding will have dulled the color, to reactivate momentaraly wipe some thinners on a cloth over it, this will reactivate the full color of the paint for comparison.  




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