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New Z For Perth

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Hi Guys,


New to this side of the car scene, but just purchased a 240/260 that is still currently in japan. Getting a full restoration over there prior to shipping here to perth.


Now I'll confess I know little to nothing about these cars and I'm also chasing some advise that I'm hoping some of the guys here can assist with.


I've been told the car is a 240z however I've since been told its a 260, now I know there isn't much between the two but am wanting to make sure I'm getting what I'm paying for. 


Things I do know, the car was first registered in March 1975, which is 260Z territory, but first registration isn't a guarantee. my understanding is that the dash in the car is very much 260 also. 


does anybody know if you can tell from the vin or the like how to tell the build date as it seems this information is super hard to come by and the VIN is simply S30xxxxxxx so basically says s30 series (240/260) and a serial number no difference between models etc.


Anyways some extra info on the car. 


Originally had the L20 has been swapped for an L28 and been stroked to 3L 5 speed manual nissan racing gear box, RS200 diff and some driveline upgrades too. 


Annd some pics.



Cheers Guys

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It is a Nissan Fairlady Z not a 240z or 260z. It is a later car so similar to our market 260z. It looks like TA Auto workshop Ando San is a bit of a legend in the S30z world.

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Thanks Gav, That is what I was finally able to find out yesterday.


And you are correct it is at TA Auto, where all the work will be performed also, We called into his workshop on a japanese workshop tour when I was there last year. 


Thanks for the help!

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There are workshop tours? Interesting.. I'd love to meet him.


I see his Fairlady Z432-R replica in the background did he show you the engine and rest of the car? 

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There are workshop tours we had 2 days with Dino from speed hunters and went to a number of workshops Ta auto being just one. If you want some more info of them drop me a pm and I can put you into the right people to organise for one


And his red replica 432 we looked right through it even started it up for us is an amazing car.


Hopefully his work on mine will be just as good!

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Will be great to have another zed in Perth. We have a 240Z/260Z register in WA. We have a least 3-4 club events per year and a fairly solid competition calender as well , with usually 6-10 zeds competing regularly. wazregister.com is the website to keep up to speed on whats happening in the west zed car related.


The guys on this site, viczcar, contributing from all around the country, even overseas as well, have an absolute wealth of knowledge and very keen to help new comers. 


Really look forward to seeing you and your car out and about in Perth when it arrives. Keep us updated on the restoration.



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