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'74 260 2+2 From Tassie

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Im Joel, hailing from Hobart.


Thought I'd best introduce myself finally, have posted a few posts, but want to become one of the family so to speak. Im also learning a lot as i go, so if i say something stupid or miss something silly, let me know please :D


So, about 15 years ago while in college, when I lived up on the North West coast (Devonport), a few of us went to see my friends dads car.  I had no idea what a Z was at that stage, saw this thing and thought - That would be awesome!


Anyway, skip forward a decade or so, friends come and go, I always thought about Zeds, but was never really in the position to own one...  In recent years I got back in touch with my old school buddy - we were all pretty close back then, so it was nice to rekindle an old friendship.


After an unfortunate event (my old and new again friends father passed away :(), we were chatting over dinner one night, and she remembers a conversation from 15 years previous -


"Do you remember when you first saw the zed, saying if it was ever for sale, to give you a call?"




"You still interested?"


"Yes?" (brain just fried)






and here we are :D


This is a veeery slow project so bare with me :D (my partner and I also just bought a 22 foot huon pine boat, so add that to my partners ke38 corolla we just restored plus looking for property to buy (first home), my partner just finishing her Masters and starting work, we have a bit on our plate..)


Following are some pictures.


The few hours driving it home, we realised the main petrol breather was cracked and had to fix that, at 2pm on a saturday at a sleeeeepy country town, then we hit a slice of metal something on the road and wrecked a brand new tyre (literally less than 200km on it), which lead to meeting this old guy who had some really rare spec XY falcon - after we realised the spare was basically rusted into the spare wheel cavity, got stopped by a bunch of cows, and may have stopped at a winery or two..




trying to figure out fuel issues :-


- i rebuilt the carbs as they were a bit leaky (i think i got two different jets though, one seems to richen twice as quick as the other when i turn each flat - will have to investigate that).

- fixed a manifold leak

- i think my fuel pump is screwed (in one of the pics, it seems newer, and someone has hacked a couple of the screws so i cant pull it apart easily) - i figure they are only meant to have a one way valve? well, mine goes both ways and im having issues getting fuel to the float bowls - it may be a slight line blockage though.  Ill see if the electronic pump im putting in will help.

- I also added a regulator, as after rebuilding carbs I was finding they were flooding, so figured getting too much pressure through the lines, whihc seemed to sort that.


its had a bit of work done in the past - rust removed and resprayed  (Mitsubishi passion red so the can says), and the interior (door cards and seats) are far worse than the pics show.















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Welcome Joel from a fellow Hobart zed member. That is a neat 260 you have got there. This site is perfect for any info regarding tips and tricks to keeping your toy on the road.

We will have to catch up one day.

Regards Scott

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Im also learning a lot as i go, so if i say something stupid or miss something silly, let me know please :D



That describes most of us mate so never fear, you're in good company.


That's a decent looking car all things considered. Congrats on the purchase and I hope you enjoy the ownership.

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Looks like a pretty solid car to start your Zed journey with. Enjoy the ride and as George said there is plenty of help here when/if you need.

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As George said a lot of us are learning as we go, so don't stress on that front.

Remember there are no stupid questions ony stupid answers.






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G'day Joel, and welcome.


I'm in the Hobart area too, and have also recently become a 260Z owner.


Your comments about the fuel pump interest me because I suspect the mechanical pump on my Z isn't quite up to par either. The car falters when the pedal is floored for more than a few seconds (going up a long hill for instance).


The car originally came with an electric pump. The mechanical pump was installed by the previous owner (my late brother) because the electric pump was a bit old and tired. The original electric pump is still in place and I can turn it on with the flick of a switch. With both pumps running, the fuel starvation problem disappears. One of these days I'll have a look at the mechanical pump to see if it can be improved. Maybe it has a dodgy valve like yours.




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The original electrical fuel pump has a small gauze filter internally. This never gets serviced and will eventually slow the fuel supply down.ie not enough at WOT. Clean it and it should be all good.replace the external filter near the pump also.

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