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Reupholster Seats

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After removing existing covers and inspecting foam decided to bolster it rather than replace.



Went to Clark rubber and chose high density foam for the seat and medium density for the backrest.



To ensure original contour of seat remained glued new foam under it, used high quality spray can rather than paste.post-101452-0-07884800-1447199714_thumb.jpg





This is a fairly tedious and time consuming job , however I am very happy with the final resultpost-101452-0-05886800-1447199772_thumb.jpg

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It's certainly a lot cheaper than total replacement foam kit which with postage would be around $500/600.


Cost for me was about $80 (minus seat covers) including $30 for a can of Super Grab adhesive spray which makes job a lot cleaner.


If you go ahead make sure you get some hog clip pliers which also makes job easier.






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Hello Tony,


Thank you for contributing this topic - I hope it will help me to avoid buying foam kits too.


Would you mind telling us where you sourced the seat covers and what type they are? They look like either leather or imitation leather .

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