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Different Spool

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As Jason and Tom have said it is a different driving style to a normal LSD or open diff.


My old green Zed ran CIG lockers in various ratios, and was pretty easy to drive when the suspension was set up right. Take the locker out and my car became an oversteering pig.


Once you get used to it they are really fun to drive. The new S14 has a mechanical 2 way LSD that has been set up to be basically a locker/spool in behaviour on the track. The suspension has also been set up to suit.


It sounds like you have a handle on the driving style required so you will only get quicker as you get more used to it.

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The point that I've been trying to (badly) make is that there is something else wrong if anyone is having severe problems with a properly set up LSD. Sure going to a locker may mask the problem and appear to fix it but there is more to it than that. If a car handles badly in any way, including under heavy braking, then logically the first thing to look at is the suspension and it's alignments, keeping in mind that usually a change in alignment will have more than one effect including those you don't want. It's all a balancing act with suspension settings.


As for diffs then yes, the suspension has to be set up to suit the type of diff eg the first requirement with a Torsen type is to make sure both rear wheels are always on the ground, a requirement obviously not required with a locker which means that for a start a rear anti roll bar may be used.

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