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'73 240Z With L28Et And Gt35R Conversion

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Hey guys,


I'm putting my old project car up for sale: http://www.ozdat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=6303 to be honest I'm unclear what I should be asking for the car, but it's a fun car, and when going, it's fast as hell. I'm looking for around $15,000 13,000 for it. It ran a best of 12.83 @ 115MPH on 9psi with a 2.2 60' time (195 street tyres and an open diff). It's currently tuned for 19psi and has a locked diff, so is obviously substantially faster than that.


Model: 240z

Location: Ballarat, Vic (maybe moved to Melbourne)

Price and Payment Conditions: $15000 13,000 Cash in hand or paypal

Item Condition: Good

Body: Rust, some, more repaired in the past.

Mechanical: almost running, will require towing

Registration: no

Engineers Certificate: no

Extra Info: see below

Contact Details: PM / Email david.andrews112@gmail.com


The car has been sitting in my parents garage since 2006. I'm still in California until Nov 6th when I'll actually be able to go and check it out. This ad is to try and get an interested party lined up so I can do the transaction and help arrange transportation while I am in the country.


Specs from the build:


Model: 240Z

Year: 1973

Colour: BMW Navy Blue (crows feeted to hell)

Front bar: Not standard, and broken on the left side :(



L28: Block F54, Head P90

Compression: 7.4:1

Cam: Crow #58643 Intake: 212 deg 0.075" dur, 0.480" lift, Exhaust: 210 deg 0.075" dur, 0.495" lift

Pistons: Standard

Rods: Standard

Crank: Standard

Displacement: 2753cc (Standard).

Oil cooling: Earls thermostat to 235x147x50mm Serck cooler.

Balancer: Custom Chris Wood built using BMW Inline 6 balancer.



Gearbox: FS5W71C S14 SR20DET 5-speed

Clutch: 5-puck cerametallic with 1110kg pressure plate

Diff: Locked 3.54:1 R180

Driveshafts: Standard

Tailshaft: Shortened with genuine Dana Spicer uni-joints


Fuel System:

Tank: Standard

Lift pump: Carter 110gph

Surge: CM510 alloy around 1-2 litres

EFI pump: Bosch 044

Fuel feed line: dash-8 (1/2" ID) line

Fuel rail: custom

Injectors: 460cc N/A S5 RX7

Regulator: Bosch adjustable rising rate



Type: EFI - fully sequential injection

Computer: Autronic SMC v1.99-2

Distributor: Scorcher custom hall-effect

Leads: Sorcher 8mm induction

Coil: Bosch 716HEC transformer type

Ignition Module: Bosch



Manifold: Standard 280zx EFI

Throttle body: Ford XF Falcon 65mm

Piping: 2.5" stainless

Intercooler: ARE 520x300x90 bar and plate

Turbocharger: 620hp Garrett GT35R (0.82 turbine housing)

Oil Catch Can: Custom alu built by Az.



Manifold: Custom Ian Rowlerson: stainless, tigged, tuned length, split pulse collector, external wastegate flange

External wastegate: Sub-zero 55mm dumping via a 2.5" screamer pipe

Exhaust: 3" mandrel bent mild. No mufflers. Ends just behind diff


Suspension and Wheels:

Springs: Lowered Kings progressive all round

Shocks: Gabriel POS, don't ask me why.

Sway bars: Whiteline adjustables all round

Street Wheels: 15x6.5 Starion Turbo with matt black centres.

Street Tyres: 195/60R15 Yokohama AVS

Front control arms and ball joints: Brand new Techno Toy Tuning adjustable: (https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/240z/front-lower-control-arms-240z-260z-280z)

Tie-rod ends: new OEM




Custom simple alu panel with a couple of Autometer gauges.



The bad bits:


The engine definitely needs a freshen up, and a proper L28ET oil pump. First outing around calder park (see link at the end) when the oil cooler first opened it, coupled with a standard L20B oil pump (previous owner installed) lowered the oil level sufficiently that with semi-slicks I lost oil pressure around turn 1 and ate the bearings. It needs new main bearings, and likely big-end bearings and a general refresh too.


The body is not rust-free. Honestly it needs some tender love and care on the body. I don't know the exact condition until I get to the car in November.


Thanks for looking, if anyone has read this far, I also have a few other parts I'll be putting up for sale, 2 4.4:1 R200 LSDs, 1 with the axles and CVs still (sale pending), a mint 1600 primered shell (6K in body receipts from bodyz by nick in Ballarat), a 5000Km old S15 SR20DET and 6-speed, 1600 adjustable rear x-member from datsport, and a few other things that I can't remember right now :)












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I think people are reading your location under your avatar and thinking the car is in the USA. I know i did first off.

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Thanks, I totally missed that.  I'll update it now as I'm back in Oz tomorrow.




Shoot me a PM.  Looking for around $900 for the one without axles, and around $1100 for the one with axles



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Bunch more photos showing the car as it sits right now.




Forgot about the rust issue on the passengers floor, which is a bummer, but overall, it's in better condition than I could have hoped for!


I'm really gunna miss this car. I get that feeling like this sale might be a mistake...



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Haha.  I'm in no rush.  It'll either sell as it is, or I'm coming back in Sep and I'll rebuild the L28 and add $2K to the price. :)


I assure you, anyone that goes for a ride in it will find a way to buy it.



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