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Auto-Pyjama Car Covers-

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I have started importing these products from Germany.  They are really good quality, fleece-lined indoor car covers.  They are soft on your paint work, but dust proof and breathable, so they won't trap any moisture underneath or allow the car to sweat.  These covers have a zip door on the left side so you can get in and out without taking the cover off.


I only have limited numbers of Blue covers in stock now with Red and Anthracite-Grey on order.  I am prepared to do a group buy for all Z owners and offer a 10% discount for any order over 10 covers and 15% for an order over 20 units.  Pricing is as follows:


240Z/260Z - $315.00 Including GST and before discount.

260Z 2+2 / 280ZX - $335.00 including GST and before discount.


I will only be carrying the above three colours in stock, but for a bulk order, there is a choice of eight colours:


Ferrari Red

Ferrari Yellow

Moss Green

British Racing Green

Bugatti Blue (Light Blue)

Royal Blue (Darker Blue as per photos)




I can supply for any car from a Mini to a SUV, so the bulk order doesn't have to be only for Z's.


Let me know if there is any interest.  Products will be posted from Canberra, and postal costs are excluded.





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Are they made to fit the S30 or are they a general size? Just concerned about the door zipper location and whether it will work as intended for the 2 seater.


With the above satisfied, I'm in for 1.

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They are a general size, but made in smaller increments than most other car covers, so the general fit on most cars is really good.  I don't have a 240Z to fit and photo for you, so if there are any Canberra owners who would like to model a cover on their car, please drop me a line.


Actually, I'm coming to Sydney tomorrow to pick up a car. PM me your number and we can meet up and try if you are available during the day?

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I'm at work during the day and my car is off having an adventure in Adelaide anyway. :-/ No rush for one so happy to wait until the fit can be tested.

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Andrew in Sydney was kind enough to try the cover on his car.  The fit is pretty good for a non-specific cover, and the zip door does line up allowing you access to info the car without taking the cover off.


Comments?  Questions?



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