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Boi Performance (Bits Of Italy) 240Z/260Z Air Box For Triples

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I found this air box today - I have not seen it before.



(about 3/4 of the way down the page)


It has been specifically made for S30Z's - with a recess for the shock tower - see pics:






They also show a dyno test result for it, but I can't really understand it.




Price is $570 - which appears to include pre-drilled holes to mount DCOE's.

Has anybody here bought one or seen one in the flesh?

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Interested to see what their initial filter setup was and what the run was like with just straight stacks and no filters and what the delta is while driving not parked on a dyno.

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They run the cone shaped pod filter, inverted, right out the front as pissible, so that airflow inside the box is not overly disturbed.

Quite a few Historic class cars, in various groups, are running these.


I am surprsed no one has ttempted to go through the total headache f making these boxes up, for the triple carb setup, but, thats why BOI charge the prices,,,, they are not easy to make.

Same as decent hand layed fibreglass surfboards, also very costly!

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